Editing Services

As well as being a traditionally published author I provide various services for other writers.

  • Working through initial ideas and plot and offering suggestions and solutions to sticking points
  • First read: a reader’s report (reading the MS and assessing the plot/content)
  • A structural report (a thorough read, and analysis of the content with overarching suggestions for strengthening the narrative)
  • A full line-edit, with a detailed chapter by chapter report with specific suggestions
  • Writing synopses
  • Assessing querying packages
  • Ghostwriting
  • Mentoring

I am passionate about helping people reach their writing goals, and very flexible with project parameters and what I can offer for specific budgets. Please use the contact box below to get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please email me at editing@sarahlawton.co.uk for a personalised quote.


‘I found Sarah’s perspective on my work incredibly insightful. She provided clear, constructive feedback which helped me make my manuscript shine, both from a structural, overarching view and a more detailed perspective. I made the edits she suggested and got an agent shortly afterwards, so I’d say her observations were absolutely on the money!’ Jennie Godfrey, author of Sunday Times Bestseller The List of Suspicious Things, 2024. Rep’d by Nelle Andrew.


Sarah Lawton is an excellent book editor. She has a razor-sharp ability to get to the very heart of the problems with a manuscript and is then very adept at providing plot developments and advice to resolve the problems. She provides invaluable help in progressing a novel, is easy to work with and is great value for money. Highly recommended.’
Liz Webb, author of  The Daughter, 2022 and The Saved, 2024. Rep’d by Madeleine Milburn


‘I was lucky enough to have Sarah Lawton as a beta reader for my debut novel before I was agented. She elevated my novel to the next level by uncovering my characters key motivations and suggested how to tighten the plot further. Her expert editor’s eye made her meticulous with line edits, spotting mistakes that I had missed. Sarah helped shape my story and gave me the confidence to push on forwards.’ Sophia Spiers, author of debut novel The Call of Cassandra Rose, Oct 2022. Rep’d by Madeleine Milburn.


‘Sarah Lawton is a fantastic editor! She has an ability to simultaneously pick up the big picture plot points whilst pointing out sentence level improvements. She always understands what you’re trying to achieve with your story meaning she is the ideal person to have a brainstorm with over tricky points. And finally, she is a quick reader so you’re not waiting around for feedback which is what all authors want.’ SV Leonard, author of The Islanders and The Influencers, Rep’d by Emily Glenister


‘I am incredibly grateful to Sarah for her comprehensive edit of my debut novel. After three drafts, I was struggling and unable to see the way forward.  In stepped Sarah with her expert eyes. She was encouraging and direct, two qualities that are essential in a good editor. Her eye for detail, insightful comments and suggestions made me think about narrative choices I had made and helped me bring my cast of characters to life. Back out querying now with a much stronger novel! ‘ Angela Sweeney, author of After The Snowfall.


My best Christmas gift this year was a Yes! from a literary agent. The unstinted and insightful help I received from Sarah played a big part in this. Not just the encouragement, but more importantly, what wasn’t working, and how best to get back on the right track. Dr Gautam Das, Rep’d by Laetitia Rutherford


‘Sarah’s help was invaluable in progressing my novel. She highlighted the problems in my manuscript and constructively suggested the changes needed to make it more commercially attractive. Her report was very helpful in taking it forward and she works quickly and efficiently, offering great value for money. Would definitely recommend.’ Katherine Tansley.


‘Sarah’s passion and enthusiasm for her work is infectious.  She  has been a brilliant help with my manuscript, reading it and giving me valuable feedback.  I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.’ Geraldine Gent 


Sarah was such a generous beta reader for me! She’d obviously dived into my story, cared about my characters, where they got lost and needed to be brought to the fore again; how I might shift the structure so the reader is right in there form the beginning. She was just enthusiastic, full of suggestions – but not bossy(!) Thanks so much, Sarah! Denise Cullington